21 June, 2011

Organizing My Life

annnnd I am back! I somehow survived last week. It was full of not showering/not sleeping and drinking more water than I believe I ever have in my entire life!
I Cannot tell you how exciting it has been to re-enter the real world (ahem, read all my blogs mmmkaay).
I promise the updated Bonnaroo Recap 2011 post is coming this week, but for now I want to share some thing I have been working hard on at my home lately…ORGANIZING!
What is the special organization task this week? MY JEWELRY. I have an abundance of what my grandmother would call “costume jewelry” and I have never found an effective way to organize it for my use as well as display it beautifully. I am currently working on it and hopefully will have pics to come. For now, check out some of my inspiration:

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