24 June, 2011

The Kennedys-The Mini Series

Ryan and I have been living in the “land of no cable” for about 5 months now. Honestly, I am not missing it all, well maybe for the exception of “American Pickers”. Go ahead, call me a nerd.
Last night we decided to boot up the Netflix to “The Kennedys” mini-series. I am not a movie critic or a Kennedy expert my any means, but I can already tell that there might be some “stretching” of the truth with some of the characters. I wonder, is it down in some Kennedy record that Joe Kennedy actually said to JFK on  the morning of his wedding to Jackie : “Women don’t expect fidelity,  but they don’t want infidelity thrown into their face”. Amen…wait, what? Seriously, I am supposed to buy this? Moving on.
I hate to jump on the “hater” train, but Katie Holmes as Jackie? She doesn't even look convincing on the poster for the show. Moving on, again.

How about we find the “Silver Lining” to this situation (clever, eh?)…which is of course Jackie Kennedy’s fashion. I would never call her look “effortless”. In fact, upon further inspection, it looks as if she had a time getting her hair to cooperate. I hear that. Here are some of my favorite snaps of Jackie doing what she does best…being a fashion icon:
If you are a fan of all of those pretty little dresses she wore, check out the Met exhibition from years back. Pretty great collection. Actually, you should probably browse more of the exhibitions on the Met’s site. Pretty cool stuff (especially the McQueen exhibit, try NOT to be inspired).
So yeah, The Kennedys isn’t exactly an award winner, but it sure is entertaining…and we will probably watch the rest of the series…this weekend/tonight. Who needs cable?

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