27 June, 2011

How to throw a nautical themed baby shower

This weekend was busy busy! Catherine and I prepped our ‘bottom’s’ off crafting and designing Amy’s baby shower. I have to admit, I had a ball working together with all of the lovely ladies (including  the new Mrs. Brooke and some blog-less others!) to give “Mini Mo” the shower she deserves.

We decided on a nautically themed shower for a few reasons.

  • Amy has a fondness for all things preppy. And really, what is more preppy than nautical stripes? NOTHING I TELL YOU
  • Ray (the daddy) loves to fish! Also, their rehearsal dinner was themed “catch of a lifetime”
  • “Mini Mo” is a girl, and as much as I personally LOVE pink and glitter and unicorns (I could go on)…I think it was sort of neat to add a different spin on a baby shower
  • We found really cute nautical invitations on Pear Tree Greetings (score!)

Now for the pictures (not taken by me, I shamelessly stole these from the book). Beginning with the invitation (from the site..you think I Am going togive you my address? crazy). We only changed the names/place from the site. So cute!


2775_11347FCmn (1)

And what baby shower is complete without a complete fro-yo bar? None.

I made all of the signs from a template I created in Microsoft Publisher. Not glamorous, but it worked! Also, we made a ‘onsie banner’ from felt letters (freehand!) and strung them with ‘baby’ clothespins on some colorful ribbon and twine.

The last pic is with the momma-to be in the middle! Amy looked absolutely precious and so beautiful! We had such a great time…minus my husband calling me the “baby shower nazi” pre-shower. I think he was just upset he didn’t get any of the mini sandwiches ;)

Mini mo will be here late Summer and I am so excited to meet her! Did you know that “girls are fun forever”?

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