07 June, 2011

Bonnaroo, Who ME?

Yes, my sweet sweet adventurous husband has convinced me to go to Bonnaroo. The catch? Well, there are a couple, so here is the bulleted list:

  • We decided to go one week out from the festival
  • It will be about 95 degrees in Manchester, TN
  • We are camping
  • Did I mention the bathroom “situation”?
  • Baby Wipes
  • $7 for a shower
  • Port-a Johns…need I explain this issue??
  • I have never ever camped
  • Camelbaks
  • We do not own an RV
  • We are using my car
  • Girl Talk plays at 2:30 AM on Saturday (Sunday)

I am already convinced that camping among 80,000 other hippies in the middle of the Tennessee desert (why  yes, there is a desert in Tennessee…did you not know that? Silly) could be a very good training for marriage…or The Hunger Games.

Want to see how I will live for the next few days? bonnaroo-3bon005


Heck, maybe I will even get a henna tat…or play some hacky sack. Bonnaroo=limitless.

Acts I am excited about seeing:

104496-arcade_fire Girltalk3 Karen Elson by Glen Luchford the-head-and-the-heart-lp wanda-jackson-456   xl


and many many more….

And this will be us:


(image from Woodstock, 1969)

Now…what do you wear to such a once-in-my-lifetime event?

Details to come in next post (oooh three in one day?!?! It must be a great day for you)

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