28 March, 2011

New New York

I have probably mentioned this a billion times on Twitter, but since I have absolutely ignored my blog lately, I thought I should mention a little of our itinerary while we are on vacay to the City later this week…just to sort of  brag really. Travel rambling at its finest:

1. LCD Soundsystem’s second to last show at Terminal 5. That’s right…second to last show… we were going to the very last show but someone sold our tix by accident. And by accident I bought tickets to a play. I will explain more of that in item #3.

2. The Strokes at Madison Square Garden. I heart The Strokes. I have my first roommate from college, Whitney to thank for introducing me to The Strokes and The White Stripes. Also, for introducing me to smoking. Wait, that’s not a good thing. Strokes good, smoking bad. (Don’t smoke kids).

3. Sleep No More. This play sounds incredibly cool/spooky/edgy/long. Our start time isn’t until 11:40 PM and it runs around 3 hours long. Goodness, I see a nap in my future.

4. I would love to take Tara Stiles’ class at Strala Yoga…so that is on my wish list. She is like the most BA yogi ever. It would be awesome. Then she would see my practice and ask me to be her mentee. And I would accept, change my name to Shiva, Grace or Sarahasana and become a famous yogi, too. Like I said, wish list people.

5. Veg Food Fest. My amazing and talented other college roomies are taking me to this on Sunday. So so so excited.

6. Brooklyn sites. I have walked across the bridge once and had one meal in Brooklyn. I would love to explore more of the borough's eclectic shopping and art districts.

7. Spending some real quality time with my husband. Truth is, lately it has basically just been Ryan and I hanging out all of the time and I absolutely love  it. However, it will be nice to get a heck outta dodge because Charlotte is lovely, but not on the forefront of …well anything really.

8. Major Food Truck Stalking. Any suggestions? I think I am just really excited about eating from a truck. I don't really care what it is. However a vegan pastry sounds pretty good this morning.

9. I am feeling lucky these days and I have this really good feeling that I will walk out of Tara Stiles’ class (after she asks me to become the  great Sarahasana) and will run right into the legend herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP will see how similar we are (short/curly hair/Sarah spelled with ‘h’) and ask me to be her new personal shopper. You would think this would conflict with my new yoga training but it wont…Personal shopping happens by scheduled appointments.

10. Convince Ryan that we have enough resources to buy an apartment that overlooks the Park.

Oh and I will leave you with some NYC street style. I am sure my rain weather Uggs will not make it on the Sartorialist blog so here are a few ladies that look pretty dang chic:

nycfolk1 folk

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Jessica said...

I hope your trip to NYC was awesome! You need to do an After post!

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