04 March, 2011

Flashback Friday-The College Years








College days. So much has changed since these pics were taken…some 7-8 years ago (yikes). You can judge me for my Hollister wearing (don’t worry that was given away forever ago), and yes that is a sorority ball cap. I was awesome. And we loved boas, no real reason.

Some days, I just get a little teary eyed when I  think about how much fun it was to all be together. Just another reminder to live in the present and love what you have.

While I still remember (top to bottom: Sunset Cruise Spring Break 2006 Key West; LCA Pumpkinfest (or something like that) Fall 2003; Senior Year 2006;Cheering on AZD football Fall 2004; Arizona Pete’s September 2004; PTM Junior Girls’ Workout/Sports (lame) night Fall 2005. I told you, terrible outfits. And yes, a lot of fake tats.

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Jen said...

I love college Sarah!

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