24 February, 2011

Old Homes, New Needs

Lovely home, small kitchen. This is probably one of the biggest complaints that clients/friends/family make about their homes. You might be in love with your 1941 bungalow with a small kitchen but now we tend to like open floor plans with room for people to mingle and gather in the cooking space. What to do? Tear down walls and remodel? Well we aren’t all that lucky. That’s what designers are for…critical thinkers, if you will. How can we get around this and make it work (Tim Gunn I love you)?!

I have a client meetup today with a friend who actually lives in our neighborhood. She called me up a few days ago about some changes her and her husband would like to make to the kitchen, but need some help deciding. Right now the kitchen is open to 3 rooms and has one window. Needless to say it is small and a bit out dated. We are talking about new appliances and a granite countertop. She is really keen on leaving the cabinets white and getting black for the counters. What do you think? Do you like this look? I think it really works in these larger kitchens, but what about a smaller on?!? Is the black to overpowering?

Here are some images I nabbed from the web in my research.

black3 black1 black2{via here}

And then she wants a new backsplash and window treatment. This is going to be so much fun! I love kitchens!

I love the “white subway” backsplash. So classic, right?backs {via shelterpop}

1 comment:

Wedded Whittaker said...

I love black counter tops! And my fav kitchen is the one with white upper cabinets & gray lower cabinets... One day, my friend, one day...

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