07 February, 2011

Ohh Baby

As many of my loyal readers know one of my bff’s Amy is with child! She is 9 weeks and totally ecstatic! You should totally add her to your readers so you can track ‘mini-mo’ grow from a grape sized baby into a full sized baby!

I am so insanely happy for her and her hubs! This kid is seriously going to have the best smile ever!

Just for kicks (and since I am pretty busy at the moment), I thought it would be fun to post a baby pic of me (I was really really really cute) as a baby. However, I do not have a baby pic on my computer. Fortunately, I have a 5-year old shot of a kid who is 96% hair, 4% tongue, and all nerd.

little swimsuit model

And if you need a story behind this, I used to think it was really funny to imitate wrestlers. I guess I still sort of do.

1 comment:

Jen said...

You are tooooo cute! And so exciting for Amy.

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