15 February, 2011

C’mon baby light my…office?

Lame title right? Well it is the best that I can do at 3:18 on this fine Tuesday. I just fell asleep on my desk. That’s right, on it. That is opposed to my not so unusual George Costanza style naps under my desk. The one redeeming point about working at my job? The ability to close and lock my office door.

Back to the office, my home office that is.

This weekend I painted the space:

paint office 

I have a vision. A vision of a serene/chic/productive working environment. This might take some time. Currently I have two items in my office that are staying for sure: my lovely desk (white lacquered kitchen table with canary yellow legs from Anthro) and a mobile drafting board (ugly as sin).

I sort of don’t even want to talk about the trouble of the paint. But I am happy to dole out some paint advice. Always always always ask the helpful paint assistant to look up the actual paint hues that are mixed to make said color. You would never know that this color I chose has more green than blue in it. Color Theory people.

Next stop for the perfect office? Lighting. Currently I still have the old janky flush mount fixture from the previous owners of the home. Just for clarification, I have owned the house since 2007…with a nursery light fixture. Seriously, it has stars and moons on it. It gives off about as much light as an iphone. Not ideal for design conditions.

Any suggestions? I am all ears! Creating a great space with efficient task lighting has proved more difficult than I originally realized.


Wedded Whittaker said...

What are you thinking about the wall color? Liking the green hints, or thinking of repainting? I wonder if you could do a hanging lantern, or a pretty chandelier? Have you ever looked at http://www.bellacor.com/ ? Great lighting & pretty decent prices!

Erin said...

I LOVE that you fell asleep on your desk. Jealous.

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