04 January, 2011

Art Schmart

Design Sponge is by far one of my top most beloved design blogs in the blogosphere. I love this home that was featured yesterday. The home is full of eclectic finds and intriguing artwork and tied together with punches of bright hues, the place looks adorable and unique!

art art1 art2 art3 art4 art5

So many projects, so little time.

I think many people shy away from artwork because: they think it has to be expensive. Um, heck no! Go out and make yourself some! Or go grab something that you already have and paint the frame! My favorite ‘art’ in our house? A large (its in charge) stretched canvas with a huge dark brown tree on it. I think it was about $150? I cannot remember where in the online world it came from, but you can find similar ones at art.com.

Another great place to find artwork that can be made into new? Yard sales/antique shows/your mother’s attic. I have a few old nature prints that are pretty dull at first glance, but (light bulb) I have a plan for them!

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