12 January, 2011

2011 Fit Gear, Sarah Style- Part 1

I know many gym rats get their undies all in a bunch every January 1st. True the gym/yoga studio/produce section of the grocery is always packed with people attempting to make this year count and stay on track with their new “fitness goals”. Yes, I admit the parking situation can be a bit frustrating, but really I am always happy to see more people out and about committing to a good change in their lives. In fact, I get a little sad when the crowd starts to thin out as I know that people have given up. Don’t give up people! A fit and active life can be for everyone. Trust me, if I didn’t work out as much as I do, I would be a miserable and cranky lady! And fit and healthy means something different to everyone, which is kind of a beautiful thing.

But this is not a healthy living  blog. If you want a good one, I know of a few gals that specialize in just that (Jen, Katie, and Brittney are some great/local inspirations). In fact, Katie of Sweet Tater has been doing pretty cool financial breakdowns of cheap vegetarian meals. Check it out, especially if two of your resolutions are to eat “cleaner” and save money! It’s possible dudes!

This is a blog about all of the awesome things that I run across and feel like sharing. You dig? And right now, I HAVE to share some of my FAVORITE and FASHIONABLE ways to stay FIT in 2011 (part 1). You ready? Hells YA!

1. Puma Luxury Gym Bag ($60). What I love about this bag: roomy to throw all of your gym crap in it, but yet not so nice where you would die if it got a little dirty. And trust me, all gym bags get dirty. Also, would be a great carry on…that again will probably get some grime on it…all bags do!



2. Marc Jacobs “Don’t F*** with my S***” gym locker ($32). Funny and functional. eh?



3. The most ultimate yoga mat-The Manduka Black Mat Pro ($90). Yes, $90 is worth it. This mat is my best friend. I love it and I should clean it more than I do. Still, I believe that it will last forever and always be my lover as we have been together almost daily for 4 years. I love you Manduka Black Mat Pro. I vow to never use a piece of crap mat again.  Amen

manduka Yoga Mat

4. A good top is hard to find. Especially if you have any um, chest at all. I struggle with finding a good workout top that meets my strict qualifications: makes me feel cute, covers up the girls, supports them, is totally cute and fashion savvy…and of course will actually last after a few washes. This you would think would be easy. Ladies, getting fit is not easy.

This little number from Athleta looks amazing and so cute. And that price ($54)is pretty good…for workout tops.  The Seamless Anjali Tank

top Cute right? Especially to throw on AFTER a class for those inevitable errands you have to run at 7 PM

5. Really good tunes always put me in a good mood and help out my workouts. Some (def not all!!!) of my current absolute albums to get my sweat on:


Arcade Fire-The Suburbs

It would sort of amaze me if you didn’t already own this one, but for real its amazeballs. And one day my husband will take me to see them, right?


Ghostland Observatory-Paparazzi Lightning

This band will change the way you see the world. And strobe lights.


Chromeo- Fancy Footwork

A great beat, plus you should never take yourself too seriously anyways.

Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight

Rilo Kiley-Under the Blacklight

It should come as no surprise that RK would be on any of my top anything lists. I am obsessed. Duh, I named our cat Jenny (creepy, right?). I would say 1/2 of this album is awesome party music. The rest will make you want to cry. To me, its the ultimate.


Anything by The Strokes.

Because their sound makes me feel cooler.

And when all else fails: I have my Justin Timberlake Pandora station.


Jen said...

I love that gym bag!

Brittney said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love that Marc Jacobs lock :)

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