15 December, 2010



As an Interior Design student, I have done something that I never thought I would have to do again…I have to draw. The horror! Oh its bad. My handwriting and drawing skills are similar to those of my first day of second grade. Things haven’t improved much. However, I believe that you can become a successful designer without the ability to draw well. I think a good set of markers and your imagination can get the point across, right? I am pretty good at tracing…no, that doesn’t work in perspective? Damnit.

Today on Little Green Notebook, Jenny (like I know her personally) featured designer Lilly Bunny Weekes’ projects. They are beautiful and super trendy. And who loves beautiful/trendy things??!! ME!

Here are some of Weekes’ rooms:  



Awesome, right? And some renderings:

drawing-1 drawing2_0001

They look so easy…but let me tell you…them pictures take skills, y’all!

And for fun, some crazies sell their beautiful renderings on Etsy…here are a few of my favs:

 pic3pic1    pic4



Many of these artists will do custom work. Like this one, of our home home1



Gosh I have been so random lately…my apologies

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