22 December, 2010

Paper Jams, Warm Weather and Work

Yeah, sounds pretty glam I know.

Some  things that are putting me in a better mood:

1. Silk Nog. I have been using this baby as my creamer in the ole coffee cup every morning. It is awesome. You know what would be more awesome? If it already had bourbon in it. work would be a lot cooler…or I would be under/on top of my desk.nog

2. The song: Everlasting Light by The Black Keys.TheBlackKeys

Listening to it makes me feel cool. It makes me feel like I am wearing a leather motorcycle jacket (maybe this one) and going to a cool LA party, instead of wearing head to toe J.Crew + my reversible Spanx tights (don’t knock em till you own a pair!) and cursing at the printer for another “paper jam”. Damn you Hewlett-Packard.alexander

3. Ryan and I are going out on a weeknight (I know, we are crazy!) to see Black Swan!! Cannot wait for those crazay bitches. Also, I know a dancer in the movie so it will be cool to see her cameo! 


4. Running. OMG who said that?!!? But in all seriously, this holiday season has definitely thrown some freakish curveballs at my face. Luckily, I am all good when it comes to my half marathon training schedule! And I feel great. I mean, great!

5. Making lists and making my readers read them

6. This might be the ultra-nerdiest (yes, that IS A WORD SPELLCHECK STOP CENSORING MY CREATIVITY!) thing ever. I am obsessed with Stella McCartney’s English garden. I actually read the article in November’s Vogue all about the magical land that she owns. So I guess I can add a few things to my “I want” list: an English garden, a few good gardeners that work for baked goods, to become Stella McCartney, and of course, to actually live in the English countryside. Some girls have all the luck.


Wait, I don’t even like to go outside?! What is wrong with me?!

7. The Justin Timberlake Pandora Station. No explanation necessary.

8. And this is for realio getting me through this week: Amy and Ray’s Christmas get together tomorrow night. Whenever Frath, Amy, and I hang out together with a few bottles of red and good desserts, we just get plain silly. You know, the type of silly that you used to feel when you were chilling with your girlfriends (wearing head-toe Abercrombie) in middle school and loving on the Backstreet Boys while finishing off cookie dough with a spoon. This also means that it will be the type of night that begins with “Hey Ryan, I’ll drive…you have fun” and it ends with Ryan driving me home. In advance, Thanks honey I owe you one.amy

Man, I am a rambling fool these days.

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