14 December, 2010

Dear Santa

Let’s make a deal.

I am a pretty freaking great baker. I make killer cookies. I do. I can make killer vegan cookies too, if Mrs. Claus has been monitoring your butter and milk consumption.

Also, I have been pretty good this year. Let’s forget about that time I threw my brush at the wall and that other time that I kicked our brand new Simple Human trash can. The wall can be repainted, and the trash can’s dent is virtually unnoticeable. And if I can be honest, you and I both know that those incidents happened after I got off of the phone with my mother…and we also both know those were conversations about the wedding. I guess when I hear “why would you Sarah, why would you do anything traditional” or “I really think every single one of your third/fourth/fifth generation cousins should be invited to the wedding…and the budget is the same”, I tend to lose my shit. Sorry.

However, I have done some good. I sometimes choose to be designated driver. I make breakfast for my husband most days. I feed the cat almost everyday.  I try not to talk about people as much…like in a mean girls way.  Oh and I have gone to like a million sporting events! Lastly, I only sleep under my desk like once every 2-3 months now. I would say all of the above proves that I am a new Sarah, deserving of luxurious goods.

OK, for the list:

1. Ooh ooh ooh Bottega Veneta. Why are you sculpted so beautifully? You go with everything…I need this bag, Santa. You must understand…ITS SOO PRETTYYY 


2. Sydney Evan “Love” Ring. Does this need explanation? Its gorgeous, and hippie like…you know that rich hippie look that is so hot right now.ring3.  Food Face Plates. We saw these strolling a book shop in Asheville. After a hard day of work, I would love to make peas hair on the little bald man on my plate.food4.  The new Interior Design book:  Details: A Stylist's Secrets to Creating Inspired Interiors by Lili Dialo. Girlfriend used to work for Domino. I will listen and bow down to any former Domino editor. 


Well, Santa this list is not completed, but I have to go back to “work”.


Oh and by Santa, I mean Ryan.

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Jen said...

Too cute! :)

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