21 December, 2010


my interior tastes are a-changing. this is probably due to a few important factors:

  • just got married and now I have to consider Ryan’s taste (aka, less glitter/hot pink/pictures of Jenny Lewis and dancers?)
  • my budget just went from $$$ to $ (being an adult blows)
  • and of course, learning more about the furniture industry  and appreciating really effing fabulous designers (thank you Loyd Dillon, you are my hero)

That all being said, a few years ago when I purchased this sweet  Louisa setee from Anthropologie, I was all about the florals and the Louis look. Ours actually has a little more of a curve and a lot more carving to it, but you get the point. So chic, right? Well, yes I still very much love this piece of furniture. But here’s why I would reconsider the purchase if I were to have made it today: our little kitty Jenny. She loves the damn thing, and it is of course, velvet…and she is of course, black and has long hair. Also, its not SUPER comfortable. OK, I admit it…form over function got me this time. And I think about the future of this piece of furniture…what if/when we have kiddos? They would rip this thing to shreds…design for the future people.


Here she is enjoying our “you can’t lounge on this” sofa. She is a rule-breaker:jenny1

My newest obsession? Clear furniture. Maybe its because it cleans easier? Am I in mom land already? (H***) No, I just know how messy I am by nature.

How awesome is this cocktail table from CB2?



Or this Glass Link Chandelier by West Elm?


And this super cool Min Plexi Headboard could find a lovely home in a guestroom!plexi 

Don’t worry gang, I could never forget the Ghost Chair (found at allmodern.com)and in all of the colors of the rainbow? I just might be a modern girl after all!Lou Lou Ghost Chair

Santa, I mean Ryan…do you like these chairs? Can we replace our dining room table chairs with the pink ones? Please pretty please?!?!

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