10 November, 2010

Our Wedding, Part 1- The Flowers


Well, these aren’t all of them, but a good chunk. I bought 19 aqua blue mason jars in March and have been eagerly holding onto them since to use for the wedding decor. Originally my thoughts were to have wildflowers in mason jars and with lots of candles (of all shapes and sizes) on the tables. OF course, florists don’t exactly like to hear “I want all of the arrangements to look different”, apparently that makes their job very hard. I just really wanted it to all look pretty natural and not forced. After a while, I caved and allowed my mother to create larger arrangements as long as they were with the same theme. I have to admit, I think they really added a lot to the charm of the wedding.

I was very specific on one thing though, my bouquet. I am getting it preserved I loved it so much. Seriously, the flowers were spot on. I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful and lively creations. Our florist was Carey Roberts Design Co. out of Belmont. Carey was amazing to work with!

I am also so pleased with how the aqua jars looked against the aubergine table linens. Thanks to the color wheel, I knew that these colors could work! bouquet my bouquet (pic by Frath)

bridesmaids bouquet

bridesmaids bouquets

flower1flower 10  flower3 flower4 flower 2 flower 5 flower 6 flower 7 flower 8 flower 9

Various table settings

more wedding things to come!!!


Brittney said...

Gorgeous Sarah! Can't wait to see more! Congratulations!!

Jen said...

Sooooo pretty Sarah. I love! Miss you.

Lizzie said...

Love it! Saw some bridal shots and you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

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