22 November, 2010

Open Minds and Life Updates

This post is kind of a mash of things that I am currently keeping an open mind about:

1. Running. I know, I used to hate it. Now, I don’t hate it. I cannot exactly say that I love it, but let’s just say the relationship has updated itself from hate. In fact, I am running my first official race thing on Thanksgiving morning. About a million Charlotteans run this every year. The Turkey Trot is an 8K (woah!). I am excited and nervous. Also in attendance: Fratherine and Jennifer. :)

2. Taking a moment to stop and cherish being a newlywed. I cannot believe it’s been almost one month since Ryan and I were married! It is so easy to get back into the daily grind, but I have been really trying to savor the moments we do get to spend together, especially during the evenings. We have made it a habit to have dinner in the dining room and keep the tv dinners to a minimum (mostly for Thursdays+NBC).

3. Performance Art. Our friend Matt bought us tix to Sufjan Stevens for our wedding present. We were siked to see Sufjan (pronounced SOOF-yahn) in concert as he never tours. The only downside was, it was in Asheville the day after we got back from our honeymoon. I had no idea what to expect, but I was aware that on his newest album (do people even call it that anymore?) Age of Adz, there is a 25 minute epic song called Impossible Soul. I knew he would perform it (because Ryan told me he would). I knew I would fall asleep. I did. However, Sufjan was pretty awesome for the three hours that we stayed for it, he kept going and we just couldn’t . Lots of autotune and strange stories, backup dancers and American Apparel onstage. If his name sounds familiar, he’s the guy who pledged to write one concept album for every 50 states in America. He did Illinois and The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois album. You have got to love a guy that can wear wings on stage and sings one auto-tune-riffic song for 25 minutes complete with choreographed dances and a light show.


4. I gave my two weeks to the yoga studio. There comes a point in your life where you have to start choosing to do fewer things in order to do them better. Right now I am really focusing on: my design future, my marriage, my relationships with others, and finding balance with my fitness routine. I might go back to it one day, but for now it proved to be too much.

5. Brussel Sprouts. Again, I never thought I would say it, these bad boys can be delicious. Just do not steam them (oh yuck!). Roasting brussels with some EVOO in the oven is much more acceptable form of eating the greens.

6. Kate Middleton won. I am waiving my white flag now. Rumor has it that she chose Issa as her wedding dress designer (the same designer that created that blue frock she donned for the official engagement announcement). I don’t know if I believe that completely. I would think that an Oscar de la Renta would be more of a royal wedding contender. Then again, what do I know, I own two wedding dresses.

Speaking of Issa, here is my fav from the Spring 2011 collection:issa You can find the designer’s goods at Shopbop, Neiman  Marcus, and Net-A-Porter. The price point isn’t much different from 3.1 Philip Lim. So save up ladies!

Hopefully our wedding pics will be in this week! Cross your fingers!


Brittney said...

It was good to see you at Y2 the other night! Sorry to hear you are leaving, but hopefully I'll still see you around!

Jen said...

Yay for running!

Now go bask in the blissfulness of being a newlywed and love your life. You are amazing! :)

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