24 November, 2010

Obligatory Gratefulness Post-Art Style

Top 8 artsy-ish things I am grateful for this holiday season. Why 8? Because I have to pretend to work sometimes…

1. Florence + The Machine. She’s incredible. I love her.florence







2. Pop Art. I said it. I love Andy Warhol. And I find the colors he used so inspiring.lips

3. While I am into the arts, I would also like to say thanks to Martha Graham for being the fierce mother of Modern Dance. The public doesn’t know it, but they love you too. 


4. Speaking of Martha, no holiday would be complete without wreath envy. How can you not love the woman who made you think that orange pumpkins were plebian and white pumpkins were elegant? As Perez would say, Martha Stewart is “amazeballs”.


5. My favorite holiday movie will be played this weekend. Little Women (1994)

some of my favorite lines (which will be quoted, in voices):

-“Jo, how could you! Your one beauty”-Amy

-“Nothing provokes speculation more than the site of a woman enjoying herself”-Marmee

-“Butter! Oh isn't butter divinity? Oh god thank you for this breakfast”-Amy

I have truly shown my nerd side. But kids, as you get older…you begin to find peace with nerdiness.

little women

6. Phillipe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair:


7. New Artwork for our home. I told you I am nesting! I have loved the designs of Blanca Gómez for a while now. I thought this would look fabulous in our home. And it does. Go to the etsy shop to find more!


8. Really great boots are considered art in my book. I am grateful for Loeffler Randall’s boots. I am not grateful for the price point. A girl can dream…boot

Sidenote: Remember Jessie Randall’s chic apartment? For Like Ever!

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