16 September, 2010

A Milly or, The Milly

Milly is synonymous with outrageously feminine and structured dresses, skirts and can be the ultimate go-to for resort wear bright prints. Milly, among my group of friends is referenced in reverence. For instance, Shiva will say “can I borrow THE Milly”, the ultimate printed frock ever. Or, for Catherine’s engagment party…she wore her “surprise Milly”. Why do we do this? Because when you throw on a Milly, you are not only wearing something that is probably more expensive than you wanted to spend…but moreover because Milly is easy to wear.

Another great thing about most Milly collections is that they do tend to follow closely to the trends of the year, colors, shapes, etc…but also, they are a bit timeless…well at least for a few years. And that alone gives the brand staying power in our closets.

Little accessories are usually needed as a Milly somehow finds its way standing out in a crowd full of Anthropologie dresses and BCBG  knockoffs. I think the difference lies in the fabric choices and silhouettes that Michelle Smith (Milly) chooses in the designs. Sure, she creates “easy sells”…but us girls, well we are might obliged to purchase.


milly4milly 5

And as for the Spring 2011 collection? As predicted, Mad Men-esque designs don the new tents, as well as bright poppy red, and retro prints out the yin yang. What can I say, I am a Milly lifer. And as for the long Navy/White silk patio gown? I die. milly2    milly3







P.S. I am currently playing around with Windows Live Writer….what do you think so far??

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