20 September, 2010

le Tour de Betsey

I have a serious love for Betsey Johnson and it all started in high school when my parents took me to L.A. and I spotted a wildly colorful dress store. I had to go in. I remember being so excited to see the crazy patterns and girly ruffles that the store provided. I remember buying this silk asymmetrical ruffled skirt with pink flowers. I wore it out. I still have it. It is in a box in my parent’s attic labeled “things my daughter will wear because it will be vintage”. I am serious, that box does exist, and I add to it every time I think about it. My future offspring is going to thank me. She might also thank me for my extensive Madame Alexander doll collection, as it will help her rent her first NYC apartment when she moves there for NYU. I have it all planned out.

Oh, and my affection for Betsey continued to grow as I grew older and began seeing pieces crop up around me and in magazines. For my senior year in college, I relentlessly searched for this lime green cocktail dress covered in sequins for a fraternity banquet. Again, this frock is labeled “things my daughter will wear because it will be vintage” (picture posted belooow).

And then, as if it were fate, Betsey Johnson was an AZD…the SAME sorority that I had joined (but at Syracuse, thanks WIKI). FATE I TELL YOU! Betsey is so loud and outrageous, and I love her.

bet7Now onto her 2011 Spring collection. Johnson said she was inspired by “cyclists”, so you know this was going to be interesting. As the runway show progressed the looks went from downtown crazy to uptown chic-well at least chic in Betseyville. bet5 bet6


bet8 bet9

And now, my Betsey dress. Wish I had a full body shot. I am on the right and my college BFF Kara on the left. Please excuse the extra 30 lbs (cough) and the excessive tan-ness. This was like a week before college graduation and I had an obsession with bottles of Riesling.


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