13 September, 2010


I had quite a "G.R.I.T.S" Saturday. And by GRITS, I of course mean "girls raised in the south". Yeah, it is a real thing...in fact people wear it on shirts and hat and bags, oh my!

My aunts on my mother's side all threw me a wonderful bridal shower on Saturday and it was as Southern as they get! It was so much fun to get most of the women of the family together. Around 35 people were there in all...for me! Woo!
I used to reject the fact that I was southern, but now I kind of love it. I mean, really look at this spread...a HUGE and delicious cake, baby sammies(more on those later), crudites and homemade dips, and of course swans with candies inside. Oh I almost forgot about the silk flower petals that were EVERYWHERE. I make fun, but I loved it.
the spread

up close and personal on the cake...that was DEMOLISHED
baby sammies:
This is so sweet, my aunt who knows I like to "eat healthy", made a "traditonal recipe" of "veggie sandwiches". Ingredients: Full fat cream cheese+white bread+teeeny tiny bits of carrots. She watched as I ate one...making sure I loved it. Of course I did...cheese +bread+ I have no idea when the last time I had white bread was...maybe elementary school???

white swans with candies, a Southern favor

the punch: Cheerwine, pineapple juice frozen ring, and ginger ale. It is delicious, and filled with sugary goodness. I have had this punch at every single shower I have ever been to with my Aunt Anne. And this is why I love her so much. She is kind of like a country Martha Stewart+Semi Homemade combo.

Me with my lovely hosts (+my pretty mother). Since this is a fashion blog, I will tell you what I am wearing (besides a silk flower corsage), Rebecca Taylor dot dress (circa 2007?). It is was a big hit, per usual. Sorry for the un-cropped photo, my work computer is freezing up like crazy... I mean what else am I supposed to do at work!? Tell ME?!

All in all it was really a lovely time. I am so grateful for the love and support these ladies have shown me throughout my entire life. I am the youngest out of all of the grandkids (actually, on both sides...can you tell :)) and I have been to a million of these in my life, but this one I had a lot of fun at! Now off to work on those thank you's, like a good ole southern gal!

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