15 September, 2010

Changing Hemlines

I am always partial to reviewing Tibi's fashion week since I worked there (forever ago, now!). For about a year now, I have felt that my closet looks very much the same as it did a few years ago. Some of this is due to my new 'recessionista' ways, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that with a recession in economics, the fashion world suffers as well. Designers tend to crank out things they know that they can sell...you know black dresses, pretty feminine trousers, anything with ruffles, and nude colored everything. Its called playing it safe. I don't blame them, but I see a bit of a change happening. And for the most part this is good! Tibi's Spring 2011 line displays the budding of that change..especially in hemlines. That might sound like a pretty minor detail, but in fashion history (especially the 20th century), changing hemlines were all the rage. Think about it, the ankle skirts you wore during your middle school graduation soon became, the knee skirts of your high school years, and the minis of college. Well, it looks like they are bringin em back down. Hemlines can be a funny issue because one half-inch can take an outfit from sassy to slutty, or from feminine to matronly. However, missing from Tibi's Spring collection are the lines signature bright floral prints. I guess you still gotta keep it safe.

1 comment:

Wedded Whittaker said...

Per my usual love for all things old-lady-ish, I really like the longer hemlines on these dresses & shorts! Some fall shopping may be in order soon!

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