02 September, 2010

American Basics

My closet is currently EXPLODING, but can you guess how many things I love? 1 out of every 25 or so items. Why? Versatility. I realized that my severe love for patterns and prints have my wardrobe in a multi-seasonal bind. I feel really guilty when I ignore my clothes. I can remember every purchase that I have made, where I first wore something, and why I bought it. However, if you ask me anything about any war, colonial figure, or grammar lesson...I will draw major blanks. I told Ryan that Hitler died from jumping off of a boat. That's what I remember. So no, I guess the ole noggin never much cared for 'book smarts'.

Moving on. I have said this before, but I need GOOD basics. Basics that WASH well in my washer (read:I hate the cleaners) and also look amazing. Oh and a great price would work well, too.

My go-to is always American Apparel. There are two stores in Charlotte and so its an easy fix. The only problem? I always feel like I am wearing the dullest clothes when I walk in and the store clerk is wearing like 18 neon shirts layered on top of one another and a pair of unisex Hammer pants over glitter tights. Not saying that they look better than me, but its clear we have differing opinions on "what looks good". Oh and I do not need them to tell me that a silver lame unitard is 'in'. It might be, at ComiCon.

Things I like from American Apparel
From top to bottom: racerback tank dress, sheer long jersey v-neck, sheer racerback tank, and the not-so basic floral top (see I can't stop myself!)

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