12 August, 2010

The Big Apple

Today-I am a working girl (boo)

Tomorrow-I am a bachelorette in NYC!
Ok a newer looking New York than this one!

I cannot begin to express my utter excitement for my New York City weekend with my favorite ladies! Catherine, Amy, Shiva, Blair, and I are all staying at the Thompson LES. If you know anything about me, you know that the Lower East Side is my favorite place in New York! I am so pumped! Also, my roommates from college, Ashley and Hillary are meeting up with us. They are pretty famous actors, or they will be. They are totally awesome and we had some good times at Elon together. My great friend Samantha is also meeting up with us on Saturday night for dinner! Woo!

Lobby of our swanky hotel!

Our plan? We have our dinners mapped out but besides that, its fair game! What should we do? My vote (it counts here) is for some serious vintage-ing and shopping. I heart Soho on Saturday mornings as all of the artists are on the street selling their unique (and some not so unique) jewelry and artwork...after a bloody mary of course. I am also pretty excited to see Frathy's first impression of the City as she has never been! EEEK!

Dinner Friday consists of San Cubano

Saturday-where else? Sushi Samba is the go-to for bachelorettes! You can Woo as much as you want there ;) They are pretty famous for the cucumber saki martini...yum.

Let's get it started! P.S. I refuse to wear any bachelorette sash or veil. Also, my outfits would look horrible with a suggestive veil :)

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