05 August, 2010


I am no longer searching for table decor or trying to plan out how our barn will look on the day of the wedding... THANK GOD! Ry and I have put so much effort and planning into all of that for about 8 months now...so no more.

However, I am a hostess at heart...one day I hope to be compared to Her Hostessness (Martha Stewart, yall) and love thinking about different table and mantle decor. I am personally obsessed with a good mantle. Three Potato Four is filled with interesting knick knacks to fill your house and make all of that Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel stuff you got for your wedding look more unique. I am totally down with unique! Also, this would be a great website to help find accessories for a vintage or rustic themed wedding!

From top to bottom: Vintage shoe storage boxes; Antique RX bottles; Letterpress Wood Type Initials Set; San Fransico Vintage Pendant

Speaking of antiques and knick knacks...Antique show at the Metrolina Expo this weekend! Who's with me?!!?

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