28 July, 2010

Happy Paul McCartney Day

Yes! Finally! I get to see Sir Paul in concert tonight with my parents and sweet fiance! WOO! Last year's concert was awesome, and I am sooooooooo excited to see him tonight!I have loved Sir Paul for my entire life. Seriously, my dad pretty much only played Beatles music (the later stuff circa 1966-1970) in the car while I a kid.
Facts about my Severe Beatles love as a kid:
  • I received a Beatles large tee every Christmas for about 6 years and wore them all to bed instead of normal pjs
  • I would rent as many books from the library that could with the subject "The Beatles" in it
  • I was such a big fan of Paul when I was in third grade, I wrote him a 3 page letter professing my appreciation for his contribution to the music world and probably threw in a few "I love yous" as well
  • "Off the Ground" was my favorite CD, it was actually the second CD I ever recieved...the first? an Animaniacs CD and I played it out!
  • On a field trip to our dear state capitol in 5th grade, everyone brought out their copies of Ace of Base's "The Sign" CD, while I kicked it old school to a Walkman full of Beatles compilation tapes. Yeah I was awesome.
  • The day "Free as a Bird" came out in 6th grade is by far the happiest day of my middle school life, also I was a monster fan of the Anthology Mixes. I especially loved when they would talk during takes
  • Rewind to the last time that Paul McCartney played in Charlotte, the Summer of 1993...my mom taped the event (because it was on local tv, it was the biggest event ever in this city!). I watched it everyday for about a year or two...well, whenever my father wasn't watching Apollo 13 or Tommy Boy.
  • I constantly rented Help and The Yellow Submarine from Blockbuster
More Paul to come today...and some Stella, too!
Find out how I started my day with The Beatles this morning on the yogi monster!

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