18 June, 2010

Vita/Blog Link Love

The Vitamix, my new obsession. How I want one so badly. I have been making smoothies everyday now for over a week. My food processor had a little upset last night, and then I realized I may be stressing the poor thing out. All would be solved if I just had a Vitamix! Hm if only I had $400 (that would be nice), but 400 to spend on this little contraption! All of my health nut friends love... I mean RAVE about it. Ryan asked why I don't put it on the registry. And I would (but we are not royalty). I mean people make the BEST things out of it, you can throw like whole fruits and veggies! Yesterday I was laughing with some fellow yoga teachers (this is so snob I know, whatev) that the Vitamix could grind a human hand. Hey, who ever said we were normal?
Here are the reasons I do not want to register for it:

  • very expensive

  • we are currently registered at 4 places, none which carry the heavenly Vitamix

  • I want to use it now!!!

  • I would feel very awkward if someone bought me a $400 anything

  • Ryan would never use it, so I feel like it is more of a 'me' thing

  • they are like never on sale

I think those are all incredibly legitimate. For now, I will use my processor until it dies (I can register for a new one of those!)

Here she is:

Speaking of food bloggers, as I recently have become obsessed, here are some awesome gals I know with fabulous healthy living blogs. Really, these ladies have become such inspiration to me in the past few months. Just ask poor Ryan, I am always making a mess in the kitchen now with new recipes and foods. It has just been too much fun! Thank you ladies!

Also, I really love these, too. I just don't know them personally. But its strange, after reading a daily log of what people eat, you do feel like you do know them!

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Kath said...

You are welcome to come play with my Vita-Mix anytime!!

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