09 June, 2010


As I get older, I have become more emotional. I guess that is no secret. But its a different type of emotional than my younger years. For example, when I was a child I would cry over minor embarassments. This usually meant getting yelled at or called out in class for talking...so you can guess that kind of happened a lot (depending on the class of course). Or when my mom said she would buy me a pair of Doc Martens and waited like 6 months (when they were not cool anymore) to get them, I cried then too. Nowadays its different, and if a teacher reprimands me (because apparently I am a life-time learner), I'm over it in like 5 seconds. The things that really make me cry now...watching people discover who they are and become proud of their true selves...ahem..I mean I cried during Glee last night. You know, when they were singing To Sir With Love to Mr. Schu? Yeah I did. By the way-side note-Quinn had 1) the fastest delivery ever, 2) a mother with ridiculous timing, and 3) the fastest recovery. I assume she was back in school two days after having her illigetimate child? Well..yeah but for real...

Other things that make me cry now. Amazing photography, especially from photographers at One Love. They use old school cameras (yeah with reall film!) to get these extraordinary shots!

Everyone just looks soooo happy! How can that not make you tear up a bit?

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