07 June, 2010

Seattle Fun

My brother Billy, with Logan (almost 4) and Nathan (5). We did that Ride the Duck tour. It was so much fun, and a little chillier than I bargained for. Still it was so fun to see the kids get a kick out of their duck whistles!
Nathan loves his "Monkey Uncle Ryan", in fact right before we left, he asked Ryan if he would change his last name to Nathan's and then move into their house. It's true, I cried. These boys are just too much!

At the Seattle Mariners game! So much fun...and you know I am a MLB hat junkie now (well I have 2). Plus the food and beer selection in the stadium was awesome. Oh yeah it was that guy Ken Griffey's last game, I have no idea who that is. I can recommend the Pad Thai though.

We made a day trip to Vancouver for Ryan's birthday. I was so proud of him passing through customs like a champ (they are not friendly at all). And then it proceeded to rain and get cold, and then rain some more...you know I am a champ in the rain. Here is a pic of me all rained out (my beautiful black Frye boots started leaking!!!) in my North Face..I hate that thing. But I love Ryan so I tried not to complain much. We took a long walk through downtown Vanouver and circled around Stanley Park (like Stanley Cup, again a reference that means little to me). The park was pretty, it would have been amazing if it were sunny...I guess next time!

Out for drinks after an amazing dinner at Blue Water Grill. If you are ever in Vancouver, you must go! Here we were after too many delicious (and sugar-fied) cocktails. Happy Birthday to my man!

And here was the kicker of the night. We were both super curious about absinthe. Warning, there is a good reason we cannot drink this in the U.S. I think we were both really ready to go to bed after this guy. Let's just say we will probably not get absinthe again!

Me with my little men. They don't care much for pictures, but man they are so adorable. I love them so much and we are so blessed (a term I do not use loosely) to have them as our nephews. Nathan and Logan bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. They are going to be the ring bearers on October 30. I wish I could see them again before then!

Oh and last thing...I asked Logan at dinner one night what my new name was going to be after I married Ryan. His answer was very matter-of-fact "Monkey Uncle Sarah". Seriously, my nephews are cuter than yours.

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Kath said...

Looks like a great trip Sarah!!

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