29 June, 2010

Kristin Stewart Sucks -Part 2 and others

I have some lols (a term I do not use lightly) moments from the last time I posted a topic named "Kristin Stewart Sucks". You would not believe the randos that commented standing up for her. Apparently if you google "Kristen Stewart sucks", my page is one of the top hits. So funny, because I could just care less...anyways here is my favorite comment I received:
"whoever is saying stuff about Kristen is just hatting man why dont you stop worring about other people's life and gett your own!"-Anon

Oh Twilight fans, your spelling is as good as New Moon. *Note New Moon is the crappiest in the series*
So here is another ode, Kristin Stewart sucks...but Twihards seriously this is only because of her poor fashion sense (um and attitude, face, acting abilities, etc). In all fairness I pretty much dislike all of these dresses, with the exception of the Alice girl.

They all have this "anti tan" thing going on, attractive.

Did any of these girls look in a mirror before leaving? OR wait, vampires can't see their own reflection right? Or is that just in Buffy and Once Bitten? Dang I am getting all of this ridiculousness confused...on to more important things.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kristen steward is a whore, stupid bitch. cant act at all. she is so fucked up

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