08 June, 2010

Botanical Goodness

If you have ever looked at a design blog, Anthropologie catalog, or watched a HGTV show, you know that loads of botanical prints are one hot item! Problem? True botanical prints (you know, old hand painted ones ripped out of books) can be extremely pricey. So who to turn to in my time of need? Jenny from Little Green Notebook of course! She suggested Amazon, and buying used botanical books. No, these are not the hand painted beauts of the past, but instead just really great older books with tons of great prints. Look here and here for some good ones (thanks J!). If anyone wants to buy one, I will split it with them! It's overused I know, but I still love the look!




make your own-Design Sponge

1 comment:

Wedded Whittaker said...

You are in luck, my dear! I bought a Wild Flowers of America book a few weeks ago from Amazon! You are free to use it too, just let me know :)

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