20 May, 2010

Top Dresses of the past 50 years

Here are a couple of the top dresses of the past 50 years, according to Fashionista:

I couldn't agree more, these are indeed iconic and set fashion in truly new directions. So now my turn:
True story, we all love Empire Records, but what did middle school Sarah love more than Ethan Embry (at the time Randall...Kat)...Um army boots+plaid mini (OK not a dress)? Yes, please.
The ultimate girly accessory? Huge botanicals...thanks Carrie, er Patricia Field for this one that has not left the scene...actually the trend seems to get bigger every year. Thank goodness for that! How on earth can you say this is not a super iconic dress? It's the freaking Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress extravaganza! First one debuted in 1973!

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