19 May, 2010

Stationary Obsession

I am getting older, I can admit that. Yesterday I popped into HomeGoods in Blakeney and saw two other women my age there, on their lunch breaks too! Yeah we are getting old, looking for discounted housewares from 12-1. Other things I love that prove I am an old lady: AMC (I watch this while on the elliptical...I am sure people just think I am nuts), preserving jelly in mason jars and making pretty tags, doilies, antique shows, baking for all occasions (especially holiday baking!!), the fact that I could care less about what my nails usually look like, wearing less make-up than my 21 year old self, loving Friday nights in, and now...Stationary. It has become an obsession, especially since there are tons of amaaaazing stationary designers out there! I will share with you some of my new favorites (hint, gifts for showers, hint):

{canning card via Old School Stationers}

{Customizable note cards from Rifle Paper Co.}

and the Rifle Co Blog

{ultra-cute birthday cards via Hello Lucky!}

1 comment:

Wedded Whittaker said...

So cute! Plus they are really a necessity for all those wedding thank you's!

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