24 May, 2010

Pike Place

Ryan and I are getting in some much needed vacation time later this week. On Thursday morning (at 7 AM!!!) we are headed to Seattle to visit my brother and nephews!!! I am so excited, Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit by far! My brother Billy is one of my favorite people in the world, I'm talking top 5 here. I would not have a severe love of showtunes and DIY if it weren't for this guy. I cannot wait to show Ryan Seattle since he has never been!

I especially cannot wait to go to Pike Place Market. I am a big fan of farmer's markets, and this one is just really special...plus its 103 years old! How cool is that? My nephews' hippie daycare/school is right underneath the market and they love watching the guys throw the fish. It is truly the little things in life when you are 5.


Wedded Whittaker said...

So excited for you & Ryan... Sounds like it will be a wonderful trip! Bring one of those incredibly adorable babies back for me, please :)

Jen said...

Have fun in Seattle! I would LOVE to visit Pike Place!

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