03 May, 2010

Happy Amy Week

Dear readers, our lovely Amy is getting married this Saturday! I know, it seems like just yesterday I was texting Catherine "Amy got a ring on da finga". Seriously, you can check my phone but I bet you can believe it.

Anyway I love Amy to pieces and wish her and her hubs to be all the happiness in the world! Cheers to Amy, Ray and their daughter pup, Raleigh!!! Can't wait for this weekend!
Isn't this the cutest family pic ever? That was probably the last time Raleigh girl was that calm!

1 comment:

luluproper said...

Oh Say-rah... you are so sweet! Love you to pieces and can't wait to party it up this weekend!!! XOXO
Raleigh says, "Yes, that was the last time I was that calm, except when they sedated me for surgery."

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