11 May, 2010

Broken things=DIY

Last night I opened the door on my armoire, a very old (cheap) piece of furniture that I have had since I was about 10. I picked it out all by myself from Rooms to Go (shrieks of horror!!) and I thought the light "wood" stain looked great with my denim blue wallpapered walls. OK I WAS A TWEEN! So I opened the door and it literally fell apart. It was the craziest thing, not off the hinge...it just fell apart in two. And this armoire by the way keeps all of the things organized in my office. I just throw papers, books, art supplies, etc into this thing. I do not love it, I don't really even like it but it was an easy fix to an organization problem. Now what do I do? One working door, and another door in two very uneven pieces? Well we could paint it and put new doors on it, but honestly the thing is such a piece. But I hate to throw it all away into a landfill, too. I am looking at these pics for inspiration, hopefully one will hit me hard. I am really into the mirrored look right now so I really love these!

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