04 May, 2010

Bad Blogger, Good Student

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am still finishing up this semester. I have really enjoyed it but I would love to have my life (and exercise schedule!!) back! So here I go, finishing up the last bit.

So for my faithful readers, some pretty pretty pictures (yea, that's your consolation prize)

On a brighter note: Shiva is coming to town! Yes my dearest bestest/sister from another mother is flying into Charlotte in June with her boyfriend, who's name is Brian, which is great because my fiance is Ryan. Life is just too good sometimes...

And we are going to see these guys, Phoenix! Woo! P.S. the guy in the front is scary, the lead singer however is adorable. I guess that's why Sofia Coppola had a baby with him!

So indie and so cute

1 comment:

Erin said...

i'm a terrible blogger, terrible student. it's all working out nicely. ready to see your face again. and i want to sit and drink fun drinks with you, preferably outside somewhere.

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