13 April, 2010

The Kitchen Hoosier

I made it to the new antique mall, The Depot at Gibson Mill on Friday...and I fell in love. I hate to give away the secret of this new antique institution but seriously the place was awesome, and the prices were awesome!

I really want a cabinet for our new lounge area/sunroom to turn into a unique wet bar station. I went looking to find inspiration (and maybe a few trinkets). I discovered my love for the kitchen hoosier...an all in one cabinet that was super popular from 1900-1920s. There were over 2 million sold between these times. A little history lesson, hoosiers were marketed towards women as a way to revolutionize their homemaking experience. These hoosiers had spice racks, storage bins, a built-in flour sifter, a pull-out counter (aka our new wet bar area).

Here are some amazing ones I found online. The second one would be perfect!!!

Don't you love?

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