16 April, 2010

I buy things

But not always things for me (shocking, I know).

In fact, yesterday I bought this:

Its called "Prince of Persia". I guess it's a Disney movie, so naturally there are tons of Legos to commemorate this movie.

So why did I buy this? Because I LOVE Legos? No, I bought it for this little man, who is turning 8 this weekend. My sweet nephew Antonio. He says that I am his third best friend and Ryan is his second. And that is one of the many many many millions of reasons that Ryan is the best man on Earth. He has a soon to be 8-year old pal.

Here he is when he turned 6, actually this was also the first day that Ryan met the family So cute. So dangerous. And that woman grabbing him? That's my mom, the family party director. I thihk this was before the kids started swinging bats at the pinata. Oh yeah then that kid got hurt...couldn't have seen that one coming!

Happy Birthday to my amazing little nephew Tono!

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