20 April, 2010

Girls are Fun Forever

Truer words were never spoken. These words were made immortal by Fratherine a few years ago while we were chatting about our future children and how awesome it would be if we all had daughters (Frath, Amy, Shiva) and they all became best friends. I totally just outed us as big nerds, I know. Also, our significant others are truly petrified.

So I know that the term "Bromance" is now officially integrated itself into our pop lives, but what about Girl-Mance? After all, girls are fun forever!

Here are a few of my favorite TV/Silver Screen gal pals.

And these girls are no role models, but who doesn't love Mean Girls? That reminds me wear your pink tomorrow: "cause on Wednesdays, we wear Pink"

1 comment:

luluproper said...

Girls ARE fun forever!!!

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