08 April, 2010

Antique Madness

Screw March Madness (no really, I was surprisingly upset that my family favorite Butler lost)...here's to antique madness!! I promised I would post these finds on Tuesday but as my Yoga Teacher (I capitalize because she was the one who led my first teacher training) always says "life can life you". It's so true sometimes you have this laundry list of things to do and right as you are driving to the store to begin your list (or wherever) you get a call/change of heard/something happens and messes everything up. So that's my excuse. It happened to me last week (long story)...ANYWAYS!

Here is a salad plate from my new (well old, new to me) china set:

Right now would be a good time to apologize for my iphone camera skills.

I woke up last Saturday with the "itch", I wanted to go back so badly to the show but knew that I did not have time for the rest of the weekend. I have seriously been bummed since. But then, I discovered a new antique mall in the area, called The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC. So where am I going this weekend you ask? Well, I guess you don't have to now!

Thanks to Frath for going with me and indulging my close to 6 hour spree of "oohs" and "you know what you could do with thats". Can't wait to do it again soon!

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