18 March, 2010

Yoga Off the Mat

If you don't loooove yoga like me then this post might not relate to you a whole bunch (read: you have my permission to skip). I don't blog much about yoga just because I feel that its actually a little too personal, maybe narcissistic, and probably boring. And besides who cares what I think about wrapping my foot around my head?Oh but wait, here I am wrapping my foot around my head! (amazing photography by Wanda Koch)

Also, in my blog reader I have very few yoga related blogs (out of the like 300 othersthat I like to check)...but I was looking through one today and it was about drishti (focus).

David Swenson, super master Ashtangi said this about our focus as practitioners, but also it totally relates to everyday/non yoga life:"Dristhi is a point of gaze or focus, yet it has little to do with our physical sight. The real "looking" is directed inwardly. We may fix our physical sight upon an external object or a specific point on our body, yet truly the dristhi is meant to direct our attention to the subtle aspects of our practice which were discussed earlier, the breath and bandhas as well as the mind."

Just a little thought of the day, basically meaning bringing more awareness to our everyday activities (even simple stuff like breathing!) can be challenging but extremely rewarding. It makes me think about my upcoming wedding (226 days if you are counting too!) and how I need to slow down and appreciate this amazing year. This year isn't just about a pretty dress or save-the-dates, but its about nourishing and celebrating our love, as well as all of the amazing couples that are going through the same exact thing this year! So I am pledging to myself to not wish these days away, as stressful as they can be, they will never happen again. Sigh love is grand, and so are the great people we surround ourselves with!

And last personal thing, Happy Birthday to Andy from That's What She Said!

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Kathryn Crafts said...

Fantastic photo - you go girl! You're so right about enjoying the little moments all along the way - they only happen once. Enjoy!!

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