09 March, 2010

Classic Muses and Me Likes to Talk

When I think about certain things that make me "me", I can't help but consider my love for classic movies and how much inspiration I have drawn from them throughout my entire life. Well... classic movies and musicals in general. I have always had a deep passion for anything shot in Technicolor, especially if the movie is full of fabulous women in equally fabulous frocks.

A few nights ago, I once again watched West Side Story (not in entirety, I like to give Ry a break sometimes). In my mind, nothing can beat those powerfully poetic Jerome Robbins choreographed dance sequences. The movie was shot in 1961, and the fashion is still just awe inspiring. It was the dawn of a decade of change (I am talking fashion wise-you know I am not a political girl) with the hemlines getting shorter and shorter and the year round full of bright colored fabrics. Sigh. And the cat eye eyeliner...ballet flats...pedal pushers (think, leggings now)...these styles stuck with us...and thank goodness because they are universally attractive (um, leggings maybe not for everyone). And I especially love the dance sequences, the incredible movement of color is true eye candy. The sass, the beautiful cast...how can you not be obsessed with West Side Story?

There is a quote from my other favorite movie ever: Little Women (1994), where Laurie is speaking to Amy about her art and how its is a "mediocre copy of another man's genius". Eh, Laurie was kind of a jerk at this point in the film, but I like where he's going with this...that we all take from one another and do the best we can with the gifts we are given. It also gives us permission to not be completely 100% original. Inspiration has got to come from somewhere right?

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