15 February, 2010


OK I usually hate animal print, or at least I used to despise them. Maybe this hate sprung from my Aunt, who still wears full animal print silk pantsuits (lord, I wish I were kidding).

But I have always adored this zebra print wallpaper from an old Domino (RIP). I think a crazy wallpaper like this would look amazing in our downstairs hallway. Wallpaper is an easy way to create new lines and emote new feelings in an interior.
Also, I love the interiors of clothing designer, Erin Fetherston (also from an old Domino, tear)...so Parisian chic! And that zebra rug adds just enough pizazz to my liking!
Speaking of Fetherston, I browsed her Fall 2010 RTW collection, and I love love love this dress

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