10 February, 2010


I was just reading Amy's blog (Little Fish.Big Pond.) and she was talking about her upcoming wedding and the dwindling number of items to be done before the big day (so exciting!). So if you are not engaged or married, you may or may not know of THE list on theknot.com. It pretty much sets up everything you are going to need to get together for your wedding...in chronological and logical order...as well as alarms you when you are late. Well readers, I am at 161...yeah 161 things to do before the big day. Daunting? Totally.

-Tonight we are meeting with a potential caterer!
-Tomorrow I am meeting with a potential florist.
-Saturday I am going over party rentals.

PLUS I picked the bridesmaids dresses, my dress and the guy...those are the only really important things right?

I am totally done looking at dresses for myself... as I get butterflies when I think about dancing with Ryan in it! But a pretty dress is a pretty dress...like this one (swoon)

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