24 February, 2010

Kelly Wearstler

Once upon a time (before design school), I had no idea who the big designers were. I knew Nate Berkus from Oprah...and that was about it. One thing I did know, a good design when I saw one. Now, as I am developing my own style as a designer and a homemaker (smile), I am completely obsessed with Kelly Wearstler. Our styles...man I just think we really jive with each other. Her unique sensibilities of combining vibrant hues, eclectic time periods, and true passions for prints are incredibly inspiring.
I am in love with her. If you ever want a new coffee table book, check out Modern Glamour by Wearstler, the patterns and colors are amazing.

1 comment:

Wedded Whittaker said...

I am dying over that kitchen and living room (bottom one)... Will be keeping an eye out for that book for sure!

p.s. - Designer's Attic blog has had some of her prints for sale before, but I never knew who she was!

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