25 February, 2010

Home Redo

I was lucky enough to purchase my house at the age of 22. Three years later, I would say a whole lot has changed in my life, and all for the better, I mean I would have never imagined I would have such a special and love filled life! That being said, 22 is not particularly the age of couture designs, in fact, you are still digging late night life and being as bold as possible. Actually when I bought my house, the entire thing (that were my living quarters, as I had two roommates) was pretty much designed around a few painted walls that were completely inspired by Domino. I still have lamps from Target and Urban Outfitters, and there are traces of the different phases of my life scattered throughout the home. Just like Fratherine and Amy, I am also trying to create the perfect little residence for me and my future hubs (247 days according to the knot!). Oh yeah and there is this little bitch..called a BUDGET (you B!). Yeah so decorating is so easy and fun when this B-word is unlimited, but alas ours is limited (I promise Ry, right after this post I will create my budget!) so creativity and lots of "fakes" are to be made, DIY style. Actually, things are fun this way too, you just have to be clever and map things out a bit more.

Here are some of the big things that I want to get crackin' on
-our master bedroom: it shouldn't take much but I am planning on creating an upholstered headboard (Jenny from LGN, I need you in my life...good thing I have my crafty friends ;)
-wallpaper everywhere! Seriously y'all wallpaper is coming back in a big way...more on that later
-the "hippie" room: OK I still love the idea of having bohemian elements everywhere, but somethings gotta give. I plan on painting the back room a navy blue and creating a lounge area that we could have a mini wetbar, etc for our guests/parties.
-the man cave, well it's a surprise, I will let you know about that later
-painting and refinishing some of Ryan's older furniture (we will seeee)
-the back deck/patio area needs a good cleanup and a bunch of new furniture.

So in the next few or several months I will be creating things and fixing our house, to a more cozy and better representation of our style and our creativity. Stay tuned!

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