12 February, 2010

Happy Weekend

Hey everyone we might get snow again (crazy!)! I think this is definitely the coldest winter in the Queen City that I can remember. A great glass of red wine will solve this!

Tomorrow night we are going to Fratherine (The Wedded Whittaker) and Jeffrey's house to celebrate a little Mardi Gras and to eat some king cake (gimme that baby!). I love hanging out with my ladies with our gentlemen. It is so great how everyone has such a fun time together! I found this pic at the Sartorialist, it reminded me of us girls (Shiva, Frath, Amy) if we were blonde, lived in Europe and were trust fund babies (and were for animal cruelty).
And of course Sunday is Valentine's Day! I am running off to get Ryan his present now! I hope he will love it!

Happy Weekend Everyone! Stay warm and cuddle up to the one you love!

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