26 February, 2010

Cheers to the Tiny Things

Hey friends! I hope everyone is as excited as I am today for some Friday action!

This morning/all night I was repeatedly woken up by Louise, my mother's chihuahua. We watched the little one all week while my parents are in Mississippi gambling, seriously. She is a total handful. She refuses to go outside to use the bathroom if it is :too cold, too rainy, too warm, too sunny...you get the picture, she is a pain. She shakes all of the time because she is: too cold, too scared, too needy, etc. In our house, Jenny kitty is not allowed to sleep in the bedroom because as of lately she has been having fun tearing out the bottom foam and screen underneath the mattress, so annoying. But Louise, HAS to sleep in the bed (says mom "she can sleep in her cage, she loves her cage"...yeah animals LOVE cages) and not just in bed, but underneath the covers, right beside me. She warms up to Ryan but is not his best friend, so she knows me and has been on top of me since Tuesday morning. I am not kidding when I say that this past week I have left the house several times just to have some peace and quiet. Oh and she has to watch me shower, get dressed, fix coffee, everything. It is constantly sounds of pitter patter up and down the stairs, as she follows every move.

Then of course Jenny has been completely rattled by this situation (not to be confused with"The Situation"). She is always about 2-3 feet behind me and Lou, stalking her every movement and wondering "why are you taking my spot in mom's affection". Do not worry Jenny, she will be gone today (Praise the Lord).

Ryan and I saw Shutter Island on Wednesday night. We never really do much on weeknights but we had to get out of the house, plus it was so nice to have a mini date night to break up the monotony of the week. It is a pretty intense 2.5 hours, so be cautious and bring enough candy! Also, if you go with a loved one, don't start talking right afterwards because it is so tense! trust me.

Last night I taught my 5:45 Power Mixed class at the studio, my class is slowly but surely getting larger. I promise as a teacher attendance is so much more about the amazing energy in class than it is about the money! So come to my class people! One of Ryan's best friends Jon is becoming a regular. I really enjoy seeing him every Thursday, he has improved so much in the 6 months he has been coming, plus it feels really special to become better friends with Ryan's friends...as basically we are all going to grow old together in one big Charlotte clique.

After yoga, I worked out the budget...my January budget to be exact. It was really hard for me to look at the money coming in as compared to the money that left in January. Let's just say that I need to contain myself.

Lastly (sorry for the rambling), my friend Erin started her own amazing blog about appreciating all of the wonderful things life has to offer (in Burlington, NC!woo!). She is one fabulous lady, a beautiful person inside and out, and can make me laugh harder than almost anyone. Check out Cheers to the Tiny Things (that's what she said) blog and will also be available in my main blog roll to the left! One more quick thing for Erin, remember when you danced with a kid named Elon at Elon? Only you!

I am so excited about spending the weekend with Ryan and Jenny...and without Louise! Cheers to our little family!

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