31 January, 2010

So it happened

I found my dress, er, dresses.

In very Sarah fashion, I was super excited about 3 of the dresses that I found...so excited that I could not decide but I know myself and if we did not put money down on one, I would never make a decision and try on dresses forever. So we put money down on one. We left the salon, and I felt great..until about 5 minutes later. Suddenly I felt I made a mistake...so we called and left frantic messages about how I need to change and I know I signed a contract but I still would buy a Claire Pettibone dress but I just can't decide. Luckily, Kelly's Closet in Atlanta is amazing. Seriously these girls (especially Stephanie) was totally understanding and told me to sleep on it and call tomorrow. So I did, and I decided on my third favorite. I know who does that? Now I am soooo excited about this but still feel a longing for my first favorite. I think this is just how it goes. I am going to move on now...on and up! And I am going to completely stop looking at dresses, too!

But if you are getting married, I totally looking at Claire Pettibone gowns. I tried on all of the ones that the store carried and honestly, I could have picked any of them. They are gorgeous, unique and totally romantic...oh and most of them are $1G-$3 and that is a steal considering how much dresses can run!

So now I am totally in love with Claire gowns and I cannot wait to see my dress!!!!!!!!!
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